Whole Baked Camembert, olives, focaccia served with oil and balsamic V G £10 (Perfect to share)

Bread board, served with oil, balsamic and butter V G £4.50

Panko squid, thai salad and sweet chilli sauce G £5.95

Devilled white bait, with salad and bread and butter G £5.20

Prawn cocktail served with salad and buttered bread G £5.00

walnut and blue cheese salad with raspberry balsamic N V £5.50

Soup of the moment with fresh bread G V £4.50


Manor House burger, topped with Cornish yarg and red onion chutney, served with chips and ruby coleslaw G £10.95

Cajun chicken burger, topped with sweet chilli mayo, served with chips and ruby coleslaw G £10.95

8oz Sirloin steak, served with chips, vine tomatoes, field mushrooms, onion ring and peas G £16.50

10oz rump steak, served with chips, vine tomatoes, field mushrooms, onion ring and peas G £16.50

fish of the day, either grilled or battered, served with chips,  choice of garden or mushy peas and tartare sauce G £10.95

Honey roasted ham served with egg and chips £8.95

Gammon steak served with egg, pineapple, chips, peas, onion rings and vine tomatoes G £10.50

Lasagne, served with salad, garlic bread and chips G £10.95

Pie of the day with chips or new potatoes and seasonal veg G £10.95

Scampi and chips, served with tartare sauce and peas G £9.95

Roasted chicken supreme ceasar salad G £11.50

Vegetarian dishes

Falafel burger with cornish yarg, red onion chutney, chips and ruby coleslaw G V £10.95

Vegetarian toad in the hole served with seasonal vegetables, gravy and chips G V £10.50

Macaroni cheese with garlic bread, salad G V £8.95



Seasonal vegetables V £3.50

Mixed salad V £3.25

Chips V £3.25 (add cheese +75p)

Blue cheese sauce V £3.00

Peppercorn sauce G £3.00

Onion rings V G £3.25

Garlic bread V £2.95 ( add cheese +75p)

Colesaw V £3.00


Children’s menu

all of our children’s meals come with either peas or beans, chips can be swapped for healthier alternative

chicken and chips G £4.50

fish and chips G £4.50

Macaroni cheese V £3.50

Egg and chips V £3.50


All items on the menu are freshly made and can be modified to suit allergies or intolerances