Rilla Mill Shop Products and Prices

The shop is open during takeaway collection hours. Please call if any queries on 01579 362354



Whole or semi skinned Cows Milk: £2.50 Per Bottle (500ml), then 80p for refills of bottle

(Milk refills will only be possible if the bottle is returned cleaned and in a suitable state to enable a refill)

Free Range Eggs: £1 per ½ dozen

Bread (choice of white or brown sliced loaf): £2 per loaf

(Bought as frozen product, defrost at room temperature for 2 hours)

Butter (250g): £1.60

Cheese – Cheddar, Cornish Blue, Stilton or Yarg – grated or whole (per 100 gram) – £1.50. 

Sugar (White): £1 per Jar (Jars can be refilled for 50p a refill)

Sugar stick available for 5p per stick

Homemade Sweet chilli sauce – £2.50 per jar

Homemade mayonnaise – £2.50 per jar

Homemade sweet chilli mayonnaise – £2.50 per jar

Homemade horseradish – £2.50 per jar

Pasties – £3.50 – Hot or cold

Local homemade honey – £6 a jar



Tobacco £15.50 per 30g pouch

Filters £1 per pack

Rizzlas £0.30 per pack

Lighters £1 each



Loo Roll (pack of 4) £1.99 

Coming Soon


Bigger range of bread products

Fresh milk dispensing machine

Local chocolate / fudge


What would you like to see added? Please let us know and we will see what we can accommodate



It is at the buyers discretion to use products within the use by time as noted on purchase label. Please follow storage instructions to ensure the quality of the product is maintained.