Takeaway service, with local delivery, from 12 noon - 3pm and 6pm until 9pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Manor House burger, topped with Cornish yarg and red onion chutney, served with chips G £10.95

Fish of the day, either grilled or battered, served with chips, choice of garden or mushy peas and tartare sauce G £10.95

Honey roasted ham, chips and peas £8.95

Sandwiches: Either Ham, Cheese or tomato or a combination of these, served with salad and vegetable crisps £7.50 

Lasagne with chips, garlic bread G £10.95

Scampi and chips, served with tartare sauce and peas G £9.95

Three Sausages served with mash or chips, onion gravy and peas G £9.95

Chilli con carne served with rice or chips £9.95

Items listed above can change based on availability and demand. 


Falafel burger with cornish yarg, red onion chutney, chips and ruby coleslaw G V £10.95

Three Vegetarian sausages served with mash, onion gravy and peas G V £9.95

Macaroni cheese with garlic bread, salad G V £8.95

Breaded Camembert salad served with redcurrant jelly G V £8.95

Items listed above can change based on availability and demand. 


Chicken and chips G £4.50

Fish and chips G £4.50

Macaroni cheese V £3.50

Served with beans or peas


Mixed salad V £3.25       Chips V £3.25 (add cheese +75p)      Blue cheese sauce V £3.00

Peppercorn sauce G £3.00      Onion rings V G £3.25     Garlic bread V £2.95 ( add cheese +75p)


All £5.50

Cheesecake of the day


Sticky toffee pudding

All items on the menu are freshly made and can be modified to suit allergies or intolerances